Case Studies

Meeting Real Deadlines

The Compulsory Purchase by a mining company of the rural land containing our client’s site and a 6 month window or the prospect of paying £150,000 in fines gave us a deadline that could not be missed. This, coupled with a less than focussed landlord and distinct lack of dilapidations schedules, gave our client an explosive dilemma – pay up or guess the dilapidations and still end up paying up.

What we did. After 14 days continuous and forensic level studying of all the historic and remaining site documentation, we concluded the only option was a full site demolition – including concrete bases weighing almost 500 tonnes in total.

We managed the full programme including CDM and HSE compliance, gave the landlord a new 300m hard core driveway, dropped and removed a 38m tower and cleared the site in under three weeks.

As a large ditch attempt to make our client fail – the mining company argued that we had failed to remove all subterranean elements and were therefore liable for the fines. At our cost we met on site with full legal representation and a digger and convinced the mining company beyond doubt that the site was cleared.

Our client had all obligations squashed for meeting the demands of the mining company at a net saving of over £85,000 against the potential fines.

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